Do, doing, done–doing what’s important to you

An influential person in my life, Bonnie Gillespie, asked this group of people , fellow actors, creatives and do on, what our word for the new year was.  I said “do”.  I think it was the right one.  Came to me pretty quickly and I don’t see any reason to back off on it.  Of course, it’s only day one of the new year, but it feels and seems right.

See, I’m a great one for talking about what I’m going to do, but for one reason or another have kind of sucked at actually doing what I’m talking about.  I’ve gotten a fair amount of stuff DONE, but not as much as I would like.  So there are some things I’m not going to go into here that need doing and that have received enough talking. In Bonnie’s words, “It’s time for action.”

This writing is a start.  I drive for Lyft and Uber, and it’s easy to justify not taking time to go to the coffee shop and write because that takes time away from driving and earning.  Well, so does sleeping, but we all know what can happen if you drive drowsy, so the trade-off is obviously not worth it, so you go home or somewhere and sleep.  This writing is the beginning of taking writing action, soon to get followed-up with writing on some stuff I’ve needed to be doing for months now.

Do, doing, DONE (one of my favorite words:  done). It’s so easy to get into our job rut and not make time for our passion (if it’s not our job), and soon, the passion can be gone.  “I used to be an actor”.  “I used to write, but I don’t have time for that with the new promotion.” “I used to exercise, but I have more important things to attend to.”  It all reminds me of something I used to say and believe, and which I still believe:  “It comes down to what’s important to you.  You’ll do what is most important to you at the time.”

Many times, I’ll choose to do stuff that doesn’t line up with my priorities (watch another episode of something online rather than get some more needed sleep), and for a time, that’s okay, but whole key is to know that whatever we choose to do is based on our priorities at the time.  That can be uncomfortable when we think about it, but at least admitting that will help orient us in the right direction.  “It’s more important for me, right now, to have that pint of ice cream than it is to go for a walk.”  “But you said you were going to be diligent about your exercising, that you really wanted to get that cellulite off.” “Oh, I do, but right now I want that ice cream.”  And we make the same decision over and over, and the question becomes whether we really want what we _say_ we want or we want what we _demonstrate_ that we want.  When we are honest with ourselves, we have taken a step toward recognizing where we really are.  And once we’ve done that, we’ve taken a step toward increased freedom.

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