Nosing around

I went to a local car dealer and nosed around the lot today after church–I dunno if it’s more a way of reminding myself of what kind of car I want to someday have or what.  I just like nice cars, I guess.

Anyway, I got to talking with a fella who used to work there, and he reminded me of an area of the dealership where they put cars that will go to auction.  Cars they don’t want to do anything with.  Cars one can get for a little cheaper than the cars on the main lot.  Thing is, those cars might have stuff wrong with them, might need some work, so it might be better to focus on cars that don’t, at least at the time of sale, already need work put into them.

One other thing the guy filled me in on was that the E-class Mercedes tend to be more reliable than the C-class I was looking at and that the S-class is in the shop all the time.  Perhaps the S-class has a bunch of new tech on them–more stuff to go wrong?  Anyway, it shifted my focus onto the E-class–like the E350 or E250.  That’s above what I call the “starter” Mercedes (which is something I would not turn down, either, if somebody were giving me one.  Nope.  Not me.  I’d smile and thank God and them for it and enjoy the car– “starter” or “entry level” or not, it’s still a Mercedes).

Still, the Lexus seems to take the cake as far as reliability goes.  There was a Lexus GS350 on the lot that the guy had his eye on.  I am a fan of that line as well–I saw one outside a local convenience store out of which I was coming, and I drove past it to see the model number–I thought it was an LS but wasn’t sure–but it was the GS350.  Handsome, handsome car.  Black (I’d prefer off-white, especially because it’s hot where I live) with a tan interior and a wood grain steering wheel.  I’ve always liked those wood or wood-like steering wheels and accents.  Wouldn’t trust a wood-spoked rim unless it was on something that probably wouldn’t go over 40mph, like a carriage, though.  The car certainly didn’t have wood rims, but just saying…

I remember when I stopped dreaming of cars so intensely–when I sort of gave up on getting a really nice one:  when I got laid off from a job.  I didn’t see any way of affording one anymore, so , regretfully, I just kind of crossed them off the list for awhile.  But God has ways of getting things to us, and that one job wasn’t the only way to get stuff.  He has been providing for me for years past that lay-off.

The only thing I’m concerned about is whether I put too much importance on a car like I fantasize about–the Mercedes or the Lexus.  The thing to watch out for is looking for it to be a life-changing experience, drawing validation from it.  I’m “valid” because now I drive a Mercedes or I drive a Lexus.  Even worse, if I were to start thinking I was “better” than somebody else because of this nice thing I now have.  That sounds right now like a great way to shoot yourself in the foot.  Better to just enjoy the nice thing for what it is and get something sufficient that you won’t be pining after the next model when that inevitably comes out.

Even better: appreciate more what I have now.  Learn that habit.  Then carry it forward to whatever else God has for me.

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