Back again

Haven’t written on here in some time–a few months.  Since December 2017.  You can check out what’s been happening by following me on Twitter or Instagram, both at @seanfrost49 .

A few months ago one of my writing partners presented a challenge to me–or an opportunity that was a challenge:  an idea for a feature romantic comedy.  I didn’t want to disappoint her or refuse an opportunity (try it; you’ll like it).  I took it on.  This is the benefit of being the first writer:  you get to craft much of the story, even if the essential story is already set.  You get to fill in the details, at least as long as you get the basic stuff right.  Cut to this weekend:  first draft of my first romantic comedy done.

I kinda want to do more.

This from the science fiction/fantasy/thriller/spy guy.

Who knew?

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