Doing the work

So it’s a few months on, or a couple anyway, since I moved into my sister’s house.  It’s going okay, but it’s an adjustment going from the autonomy of my own place to the perceived restrictions of sharing a place.

And it’s only going to get to be more–once I move to L.A., I don’t see having my own apartment, at least for awhile.  I don’t know if I’ll ever live alone again, actually.  It might be roommates and then, if I get married, a wife.  I don’t think I appreciated that autonomy as much as I should have when I had it.

I love being alone, especially in public.  This is partially just the attraction of zigging while zagging, which I equate to having my cake and eating it too.  Example:  sitting in a coffee shop with headphones on.  People all around me, but I don’t really have to interact with them.  I can just be by myself…with others.

One thing I noticed also is not getting a lot of computer work done as I don’t spend as much time at the coffee shops, mostly because of money.  I’m so used to doing the work in a coffee shop, though, that it can be hard to do it in a different setting, i.e. at home.  Just doesn’t feel right.  Too many distractions at home, or at my sister’s, methinks.

The thing is this:  one should not have to have a certain environment, to have things a certain way, in order to get this work done.  Writing at home feels a lot different from writing in a coffee shop, sure.  It comes down to how badly the work needs to get done.  Circumstances will not always be ideal.  Do the work anyway.

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