Moving, part 1

Well, I moved out of my apartment and into my sister’s house to save money for the move to Los Angeles.  She’s been very welcoming, which I thank God for (not that I expected anything else, knowing her).

So I think to get about 2500-3000.00 and move out before the end of the year.  Not an easy thing, but a lot easier with fewer expenses here.  I had thought that I wouldn’t feel comfortable here, but I’ve gotten used to it pretty quickly, considering I moved in, like, Thursday.

I’m looking for substantive stuff to say in this blog.  Mostly it’s just been me talking about me, but that’s not enough.  It’s cool to relate, but when it’s all me, I’m not being very inclusive.  I need to work out something I really like to talk about.  Maybe a companion blog to the “Acting, Writing and Directing” podcast, but I don’t even know that I’m going to continue that. I kind of did what I could for relying on the word of mouth only.

More later.

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