The Retirement of The Undertaker…?

So I just watched Wrestlemania 33.  Spoiler alert:  looks like The Undertaker is retired.

I started following The Deadman 17 or so years ago, when the WWE, the WWF at the time, came to Tulsa and my sister bought me a ticket.  The Undertaker was one who I saw put as much effort into that house show as I saw him put forth at televised shows.  One would think, or I would have thought, at the time, that one would relax at the non-televised shows.  Undertaker didn’t.  Others there didn’t, either–like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Bradshaw–they also put forth full effort.

Undertaker stood out, and it was then that I became a fan of his.  Not a rabid fan or a superfan or whatever–just an admirer.

Approximately 17 years later, tonight, it looks like The Undertaker has retired with honor and distinction, as he deserves.

Thank you, Undertaker, for, for me, about 17 good years.  It feels right, and I feel a peace about it.  I do hope to hear you on some podcasts now, like those of Steve Austin and Jim Ross, but if not, then it is what it is.

Undertaker was the last of the old guard that I followed with the passion, the interest, that I did.  I don’t see Kane much anymore, nor Big Show–not that they’re not there, just that I don’t get to see them as much.  Time moves on, though, and if Undertaker isn’t there, then as much as I like the new crop of folks (congratulations to Roman Reigns, by the way), I’ll still follow, and I think I’ll always be a fan, but it’s just not the same.

Should it be?

It feels like a chapter in my life is over.  Fondly and with affection, turn the page, but don’t close the book.  On to the next chapter, the next section–and things look bright for the WWE.  That’s partially because of you, Undertaker, I think–thank you for helping leave the WWE in very good shape.  I’ll do and always will love professional wrestling/sports entertainment, I’m always a WWE fan, and you had a very big hand in that.

Once again, thank you.

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