Somebody asked me today what I write about.  I said “hope”.

After spending the day with some long-unseen family and looking over my situation of having just been future-endeavored by a company for whom I’d worked for some time, I see a lot of that for me.  For the first time in some time, I feel released.  Free.  Not that I wasn’t before, but I’m seeing this time as an opportunity to use what I learned from my past to get to a better future.

I’m seeing in stark relief why my pastor says it’s important to always have at least two streams of income–if one dries up, you still have the other.  Why it’s important to give, and why I really should tithe–as my pastor also says, “tithe ten percent, save ten percent and learn to live on the rest”.  I haven’t been tithing, but eventually I’ll start again.

I’m blown away by some of the generosity of time and gesture I’ve seen from some of my friends.  One guy bought me lunch.  It was pizza (really good pizza), which one may not think is such a thing, but it was the gesture and what we talked about over lunch–some creative stuff might get done between us.

Mostly, though, I just thank God for the kick in the pants.  Sometimes, that’s what it takes to get back on track.

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