It’s Sunday after church, about 1:21pm, and I’m at a local Starbucks.  It’s the best one I’ve been to yet, as it’s darker and more urban-looking than the ones to which I usually go.

I’ve got my coffee, the environment is excellent, and I’ve got great music on my iPhone as I’m typing on my beautiful 2010 MacBook MC512lla.  I got here early, as I have a coffee date at 2:30p.

But it’s this moment.  Right now.  That I don’t want to get over.  It’s everything, but it’s mostly the song that’s got me in this mood.  Music affects me like that.  Pink Floyd in this case–“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” off of the “Wish You Were Here” album.  For those who don’t know, an album is a collection of songs, usually somehow related, not all necessarily singles.  It’s like a book with a bunch of chapters, some of which could stand as their own short stories.  The best albums tell a musical story, a musical novel.  The best at this that I ever found was “Operation: Mindcrime” by a band called Queensryche.  I haven’t listened to it in years.  Don’t even have it.  But an interesting story musically told.

I wonder if music affects a lot of others in quite this way–where their mood changes with the song or the type of song being played.  There’s an old saying about music soothing the savage breast.  Or beast.  Either way.  David would play music for King Saul when the king was in a bad mood.  One time he got a spear thrown at him by King Saul anyway, but most of the time it worked.

Myself, I think music is one of the greatest gifts God’s ever given us.  It’s hard to imagine the world without music.  I think eventually the sounds of nature, of the planet, would provide our music.  Sometimes the low moan of a winter wind is beautiful to me–reminds me of nights back in college when i would have the window open just after a snow and that wind was all that remained of the storm.  It reminded me that I was safe and protected from the elements not two feet away from me.

Even the planet itself makes some kind of noise that could be taken as music.  God loves it that much, I think.

I wonder what the universe sounds like?

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