Impregnable advice

An acquaintance of mine, who shall remain nameless, has been excused, through no fault of their own, from their job of 27 years.  When I asked them how it felt, it being their last day, they simply said it didn’t feel great “…but you roll with the punches, get up and start over” and that they’d find something else to do for the next 27 years.

I’ve always admired that steadiness in this person.

Then they gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and in a way I can’t misunderstand it:

  1. Just trust your gut.
  2. Don’t second-guess yourself so much.
  3. Always think about what you’re going to say before you say it.

It was the perfect goodbye, and a glorious gift, from somebody who knew me even better than I thought.

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