The problem with you is…

I feel like I’m finally being called on the carpet for something I’ve been doing for years–even decades:  saying I want to get to a place but not being willing to put in the work required to get there.  So I write a bunch of novels, but I don’t know that any of them are DONE.  Where’s the follow-through?  The editing that’s necessary?  The sending them out?

On acting–just had a talk with a friend.  I can do one thing pretty well, but I need to expand my range and put an actual performance together.  Where I’ve done the character breakdown, come up with the character’s history and all–whatever it takes for me to portray that character as authentically as I can.  Where’s the follow-through?

On getting in shape–I can talk a good game and be as informed about this (and the other subjects I’ve just brought up) as I like but I’m still eating one or two meals a day on days off and have too much junk food in the house.  Where’s the follow-through?

On my relationship with God–Would it kill me to just…listen…every once in awhile?  And then step out in faith and actually do what He tells me to do?  Where’s the follow-through?

All of this is not complaining.  It’s rejoicing.  I have known this for some time.  I’m starting to GET it.

Thank God.

2 thoughts on “The problem with you is…

  1. Hey Sean. While I can’t exactly give you any spiritual guidance, I can tell you that you become whatever you add to or subtract from your daily routine. Check out this link, it gave me some perspective.


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