Fat loss, inspiration, podcasts and learning

I was going to write a bit about podcasting and, but a gal I know named Kellen just walked by.  She had at one time been a bit heavier and worked to drop some of her weight.  This is some time ago.  She says she’s gained a bit back, but it’s not that easy to tell.  She’d inspiring.  Living proof that it can be done.

I have this app called “Lose It!”  it’s one of those fitness tracking apps where you log in what you ate, set goals, it can count your steps using GPS and so on.  Anyway, I’ve finally had it with being a bit bigger in a bad way than I’d like, and so  decided what I eat needs adjusting.  Exercise, too, of course, but that’s not what I’m talking about at the moment.

I tracked what I ate for a week, just what I normally ate, so see where I was.  After a week, it’s pretty obvious why I look the way I do, exercise or no.  You simply cannot have as many calories as I and stay small.  And at night?  Most of my calories, I’d eat at night, and it wouldn’t be healthy things but rather, well, a good portion of ice cream.  Oatmeal cookies.  Blah, blah, blah.

As much as I don’t like math, one thing that it is is completely non-judgmental.  You eat more calories than you burn and it gets stored as fat, most often.  It’s just math.  The good part is now I know where I am and have proof of it that I can call up and look at in black and white.

I thank, in part, Steve Austin ( @steveaustinbsr ) for some inspiration.  He tells some of what’s going on with his diet, what he eats and so on.  And, by the way, if you don’t listen to his podcasts ( “The Steve Austin Show” [which is the family friendly version, on Tuesdays] and “The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed” [on Thursdays–almost everything goes on this one], you should–go to iTunes and subscribe.  I say this because it’s very entertaining and informational, particularly if you’re a pro wrestling fan, but good stuff even if you’re not.  And, no, I get no shekels for promoting his stuff.  😉

So with all this tracking, what do I do?  Make some changes.  Not eat as many calories.  Eat smarter calories.  NOT go on a diet.  Just make better choices.  Consistently.  Diets, like budgets, don’t work if you see them as a restrictor plate for your mouth and for your enjoyment.  Seen as life change, as being smarter, that works.

Now, as far as podcasts go, that’s going unexpectedly well.  I did not expect to, for lack of a better word, fail, but I’m enjoying it.  I’m getting a handle on it.  I’m getting to talk more to people I might not normally get to have a conversation with.  And that’s what’s kinda kicky about it.  I get to pick the brains of people I want to hear from on stuff I want to hear about and, oh, by the way, share it with others.  Maybe others can get something out of it, too.

It struck me as I was going into a store and thinking about the latest podcast I’ve got recorded that perhaps the greatest thing I got out of college was the desire to keep learning.  Always keep learning.

Brief blog today.  Catch y’all later.

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