Influence–Steve Austin, Tom Merritt, Warner Bros., Apple, etc.

So I’m sitting here in Barnes & Noble, as I often am on my days off, listening to _The Steve Austin Show_ podcast.  I don’t know what it is about Austin, but I love his delivery, his voice, his intelligence and his love of PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.  He’s funny, can be serious, seems like a good guy, always been nice to me (e-contact–via Twitter and email), and you should check his podcast out.  Now, to be clear, I haven’t got a man-crush on the guy or anything weird–I just love listening to him and watching his stuff because it’s usually good stuff.  I can see why he’s so popular.  It’s the same thing with other stuff that’s my favorite, or among my favorites.  Tom Merritt, who does the Daily Tech News Show podcast, is a great tech podcaster.  Warner Bros. so often does a great, quality movie–they have a certain smoothness, shine, quality to them.  And Apple.

Okay–Apple has got to have its own paragraph.  More than HOW does Apple put out such quality stuff, by and large (no company is perfect).  What’s almost more interesting is why other companies don’t follow Apple’s lead in terms of Apple’s quality.  Of fit and finish.  Of materials.  In terms of the thought that is put into each product.  The way Apple does things.  I don’t know for sure, but it usually doesn’t look like Apple takes shortcuts, and that shows in the product itself, and as a former Apple employee, it was the same thing:  inside, things seemed really well thought-out, logical and efficient.  I again wondered, “Why don’t other companies do things this way?”  Afraid of change or what?  One recommendation, or, if you will, plea:  if you find a better way, whatever way it is, take it.  Whether it’s a better way to make a computer, to deliver a line, to put together a podcast, to lift a dumbbell, whatever it is–take it.

What’a all this got to do with influence?  These people and companies inspire me to do better.  To make better decisions because I see what happens when you do things the right way (as far as I know).  When you put some care and thought into what you do, into how you respond to people.  When you try your best to, as Austin might say, “execute to a very high level” whatever it is you do.  These have proven, to me, to seem to be quality people who have good judgment and make, generally speaking, good decisions.  There are folks, companies, products that I’ve been drawn to, and I thank God that those to which I am drawn have panned out.  There’s a reason, see, and I think it’s spiritual, though I am not sure of the spiritual bent of any of the people I’ve mentioned, and I will not speak for them.  To me, it’s like God, through the Holy Spirit, saying, “Check out this person, this sport, this product,” because there’s something to it.  And it may be years before I “get” WHY I’m drawn to it/them.  It’s hard to explain.  But I’m glad for the tips.  They’ve proven out, and without objectifying them or worshipping them, they’ve proven to influence me in that they inspire me–I eventually GET why God drew me to them.

I feel like God wants me to leave whoever’s reading this (including myself) with this message:  “When you know better, do better.”

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