Novellas and genres and happy turnouts

Be patient..
Be consistent.
That’s how I left the last writing I did, last time I was on this iPad for writing. I did find out thanks to @jenniej23 (of @DailyTech_Show–great podcast, @acedetect !) that, part of the biggest science fiction and fantasy publisher out there, to my knowledge, is now publishing novellas. There’s a good article on it here: . Guidelines are referred to in the article, or you can go straight to them here: . They are not taking submissions at all until April 30, 2015, but that gives tie to get some stuff good and ready.

I’m here waiting for a coffee date that I don’t think is going to happen, and that I’m kind of glad that I don’t think its going to happen.  I think it’s for the best. It felt kind of wrong anyway.

So anywho, about submissions: I was looking at a novella I’ve written called “The Broken Sword”, a fantasy piece, and I was actually moved, almost to tears by that I was reading of it. I mean in a good way. I think by the end of the night I will at least start in on the story reread to see how ready the story is as-is. I’m finally getting it that you really don’t send a spell-checked first draft. You work it until it’s as right as it’s going be and then send it out. Then you get going on the next story.

Speaking of which, there’s another thing I’m working: the fantasy novel. What I have usually done is have a VERY rough outline (at best), really more of a situation, an end, to work toward and just dove in. That’s what I want to do here, as I have a pretty cool idea and some detail as far as the world I want to use–how it works, what it’s like and so on. I might even mix in some semi-science fiction. Some extraplanetary travel. I don’t know, actually, that this would properly be a fantasy novel as much as science fiction. Maybe it will just be simple science fantasy. I don’t want to pigeonhole the thing before its written, though. Let folks who read it do that if they must.

Actually, I don’t mind my stuff being pigeonholed in the sense of just being classified, like what to call it. Just not in the negative sense of being locked into a cell with all the negative bits of whatever its classification is. Like the perceived bad bits of whatever genre somebody puts this in.

What about you? How to you feel about your work being put into one genre, classification, subgroup or whatever. What are the positives? The negatives?

And  for those wondering, no, she didn’t show up.  I sent a message asking if anything was wrong.  No response.  I gave her a half hour and then sent a text basically saying “don’t bother.  It’s cool.”  I needed to write more anyway.  🙂

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