It’s amazing how difficult it is to get into the “mood” to
write, to get into that headspace after you have gotten all ready to do it but been distracted for some time. I, as a lead at work, had some business to take care of soon after I got here. Stuff that was more important thank the writing at this time. Well, it took some time to deal with, but I am hoping it’s handled by now.

But this is where discipline coms in, isn’t it? Where you just sit down and write SOMEthing. A blog. A letter. Just to write some thing, hopefully whatever that project is you have going on or should have going on because your editor gave you a deadline. Especially if that editor is yourself. If you won’t be a good employee for yourself, why would you be a good employee, even as much as a writer is an employee of the editor who’s buying their book?

Time for me to get off this and publish this blog.  Get on to a story or two.

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