Creativity on a PC

Somehow, I’m finding it difficult, almost as though it’s sacrilegious, to start a new creative writing piece on this PC.  As though I’m being disloyal to Apple.  Apple for creativity, PC for other stuff as needed, if there’s no Apple around.In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter, and I have an iPad and keyboard right nearby if I really want ot use them.

Still can’t wait to get my next MacBook, though.  A white MC207 or MC516.  The thing is just justifying them, and when to get them.

One thing I did finally get, thanks to God, yesterday, was the realisation that if I would do what I know to do in the financial arena, I’d be that much farther ahead.  That means setting aside 10% for myself in addition to the 10% taken out for a tithe each paycheck.  If I had in savings the amount I tithe, I would have had money to move to LA and then some.  Long ago.  And yet I’ve been known to spend a lot more than that 10% on unneeded stuff.  So it’s not necessarily about not having enough money but about sacrifice and self-discipline.

Well, now that I get it, I’ll be doing it.  My pastor has long recommended this simple formula:  tithe ten percent, save ten percent and learn to live on the rest.

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