Acting work

It’s amazing how the music I’m listening to affect my mood.  I’m listening to some world/electronica, I’m in a coffee shop and it’s late afternoon/early evening.  This music, though, more than any other factor, makes me feel…hopeful.  Like my dreams are possible.  It’s only this certain genre of music.  I guess you can call it the New Age stuff.

I just got done going over a scene in which I’m to act in a couple of days, and I had that music going, as it’s largely vocals-free, so there’s not that distraction of other words interfering with the words I’m trying to learn.  I felt, as much as if not more than with writing, like I was doing what I am here to do.  Like I had slotted in to my space.

I’m looking forward to doing that more.  I also need to get more disciplined about getting the acting and writing I have to do done in an efficient manner on my days off and to even do more of it on the days I work.  Things would get done possibly twice as fast if I did that.

Years ago, as I’ve said before I believe, I had a discipline of writing 500 words/day.  I wrote five novels that way.  They haven’t always been well-received, as I need to revise more and figure that these 500 words must be 500 publishable words/day.

Back to work.

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