Title schmitle

One of the things a blog is good for is fulfilling the typing “need” some folks have.  Like me.  The “need” to press buttons.  Literally as well as metaphorically.

I need a magnetic cover or other sort of stand for the iPad, though.  Not that fun tying on the thing when it’s flat on the table because it’s less easy than i would like to see the screen without glare.  Still, I would not want a matte screen on this.  The colours on matte screens don’t seem to really pop, resulting in images that don’t look as rich as on other glossy screens.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast, but there’s nothing that I’m that passionate about–to the point where I am willing to go through whatever hassle it takes to do one of these regularly.  It would be a once in awhile thing at best. 

I’d talked about doing something with my friend Ryan, but I might, if I do anything,  just do it myself and then perhaps do something with a partner later on down the line.

So they say if you do a podcast, pick a subject you’re passionate about and can talk on.  I think, “repeatedly”.  So what would that be for me?  I honestly don’t know.  It would have to be a range of subjects umbrellaed under one thing.  Like arts, though that’s too general.  More writing and acting.  Those are a little too different for me, though.  They’re related, to be sure, ut not closely enough.  I dunno–maybe I could mix ’em up.

Any suggestions on how to pick a subject or a couple of related subjects?  Leave a comment below.

No trolls.


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