Grace and stuff

Thankful for some great financial grace shown to me in the sense of not owing as much rent as I thought I did and some lowering of some a payment on one of my school loans, so glory to God for that.

I just had another story rejected by another magazine.  So there’s that.

A friend of mine is getting published and paid.

I have been wondering/admitting what  ineed to do to get published and paid other than self-publishing.  If it’s God’s will for me, it’ll  happen, but I’ve got to do what I need to do, not just wait for a publishing contract to arrive on my lap delivered by cherubic angels (which may not be angels anyway–I don’t think angels are “cherubic”).  Some things to fix:

1) Don’t send good first drafts.  Finish the story.  Fix it as well as you can.  Send final drafts.

2) Research your markets.  Read the stories of the magazines/publishing houses to which you send stuff and send stuff of your that matches/fits with what they do.

3) Pray.  Ask God to lead you where He wants you to look.  Who’s a better navigator than Him?

That’s what I’ve got so far.  Any other tips?

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