What to do

As usual, I’m sitting in a coffee shop avoiding workingon a book.  There is no other creative writing endeavour that I avoid as much as continuing writing a book.   I think it’s partially because I’m a savourer, but hte problem with that is if you just savour, you don’t actually eat.  Then again, part of it is also that I seem to have TRIED for so many years with no real (paid) results.  So I try less.  You can see where this leads: a coffee shop in a place I say I don’t want to be leading a livfe I say I don’t want to live.

And yet I can’t give  up.  I just don’t quit.  I keep trying.  Or, as now, I just stay in the holding pattern, swimming just fast enough to stay in place.

So how do I get out of it?

I do what I know to do.

Which is not this.  Not right now.  🙂


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